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Matthew Bronowicz

Posted on March 08 2018

As we all know, drones have become popular over the past few years.  Really popular!  This past Christmas 2016, drones were one of the most purchased Christmas Gifts online.  There are drones of all sizes and shapes.  They range from tiny handheld drones in the palm of your hand up to drones the size of a table.

Either way, people love drones because they are exciting and allow for better photography shots and videos.  With this said, manufacturers are now combing 4K technology with drones.  We could not think of a better idea than this!

We are so excited about 4K drones here at 4KADVICE.COM that we purchased one.  Well, that is a bit of a stretch.  We did indeed buy a new 4K Drone, however we will not actually receive it until June 2017.  The reason is that we purchased this drone through a ‘kickstarter’ like program online.  We supported this new technology by making the ‘early-bird’ investment purchase.

The name of the ‘kickstarter’ type website is INDIEGOGO.  It works exactly like Kickstarter does by asking interested consumers to pre-purchase an item.  In this way, they use the funds collected to continue with their prototype creation and finalization of the technology.  Its a genius way to invent something awesome.  Many inventors have great ideas, but they do not have the funding to create the product from beginning to end.  Inventors do not have the resources to test the product, build the product, research the product, advertise the product and ultimately mainstream produce the product for the masses.

Therefore, what better way to raise funds in order to complete your invention by asking interested people to support you by involving your money.  In turn, the buyer gets an outstanding price on the final item.  This is usually at least 50% off or more…just for believing in the product and investing in its future.  Usually the buy has to wait several months to possibly years depending on where in the cycle the product is.

In this case, we bought into this 4K Drone in the later stage and we don’t have to wait that long before receiving the final product.  If you like drones, we suggest you get in on this sooner than later.  Eventually, they will stop accepting pre-buys and put the product up for sale with a top-price.

This is exactly what we purchased.  Be advised that Indiegogo has several other drones up for sale.  You want this one!

Kudrone: 4K Camera Nano-Drone With GPS Auto-Follow

  • Palm-Sized Drone With GPS Auto-Follow and 4K Camera With Panoramic Shots For Precision Photography


Allow us to tell you!  For starters, its one of the first 4K drones on the market.  It has been designed in a genius way.  We think the sixe of this particular drone is perfect for flying.  Its not too small and not too large.  Too small or too large means that it is more difficult to fly.

Furthermore, this drone has features that make it possible for ANYONE to fly using their smart phone.  It contains “Auto-follow” and “precision vision positioning”.  This drone will actually follow you without you having to deal with any controls on your phone.  Imagine riding your bike with your smart phone in  your pocket….your drone is flying behind you just high enough to capture the most amazing 4K videos and still photos.  You do nothing except ride your bike and look cool.

4k drone auto follow feature


Here are some other important features of this 4K Drone called the “KuDrone”:

4K features of drone

This is an actual photo (below) taken from this 4K Drone called Kudrone:

4K drone actual shot


The best feature in our minds is the hands-free Auto-Follow shown below:


4k Drone auto follow


Best of all….this 4k Drone is for EVERYONE:

4k drone for everyone


4K drone


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